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We are a full service business & financial advisory firm. We provide objective recommendations and put our professional knowledge to work for you.

Creating Wealth Through Capital

Our purpose is to help build a better financial and capital market in Ethiopia and Africa.

Pragma Capital is a firm engaged in business, investment, financial, and economic advisory services with a primary focus on developing strategic entry and growth planning for individuals and companies demonstrating investment in Ethiopia. At Pragma, we aim to provide tailored financial services to our clients by tackling their pressing issues and helping them reach their full growth potential, ultimately building a better financial and capital market in Ethiopia. The firm is ran by principal advisors and a network of highly-qualified consultants and industry specialists synergically deployed on a project-by-project basis to deliver the best results, ultimately allowing the client to make well-informed decisions.


The Prospect of Ethiopian Energy Sector for Regional Growth

Aug 02, 2022

Pragma Energies

The Prospect of Ethiopian Energy Sector for Regional Growth

Pragma has assessed the current state and predicted the future of Ethiopia's energy consumption, production, and potential.

Our Services

Corporate Finance Advisory

We help organizations evaluate and navigate corporate transactions with services that include business modeling, merger & acquisition (M&A), and valuations.

Private Sector Development

MSMEs and Startups are the backbones of the economy, and Pragma wants to be actively engaged in the ecosystem to create an enabling environment.

Research & Market Insight

We provide data-driven analytics and insights on the capital market, business, economics, finance, and investment with robust and in-depth analysis of key sectors and industries for decision-makers in both private and public spheres.

Investment Management

We assist individual and institutional clients with their portfolios to achieve their financial objectives.

Regional insight with a global perspective

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